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November 15, 2019


Broadway Rocks Cancer

Summit Medical Group Foundation will honor Linda Wacks and the Jeffrey Frank Wacks Memorial Fund at their November fundraiser, “Broadway Rocks Cancer.” We are proud to partner with SMG Foundation as they strive to expand and grow their programs offering comfort and compassionate care to cancer patients and their caregivers. 

Extraordinary Broadway stars, and our very own Bob Egan, will dazzle you as they dedicate their time to helping SMG Foundation further their mission. A showcase of talent not to be missed!

Please join us on Monday, November 18th at South Orange Performing Arts Center.

Doors open at 6 p.m.
Broadway Rocks Cancer begins at 7 p.m.

To purchase tickets and for additional information please visit:

Norbert Leo Butz
Annaleigh Ashford
Shoshana Bean
Adam Kaplan
Tamika Lawrence
Jay Armstrong Johnson
Ryann Redmond
Jelani Remy
Happy McPartlin
Jacob Dickey
Bart Shatto
Bob Egan
and more!


Music in the Atrium
Carol G. Simon Cancer Center lobby
First three Wednesdays of the month
(day may vary during holiday season)
9 a.m. – noon

High Tea
Carol G. Simon Cancer Center lobby
Second Monday of the month
9:30 – 11:30 a.m.

Healing Through Drumming
Carol G. Simon Cancer Center lobby
Last Tuesday of the month
7:30 – 9 p.m.

Music in the Atrium at the Park
Summit Medical Group Oncology Center
150 Park Avenue
Florham Park, NJ
Every Thursday
2nd floor waiting room
9 a.m. – noon

Pilates Strength and Recovery Program
Summit Medical Group Oncology Center
150 Park Avenue
Florham Park, NJ
Resource Room - 2nd floor
Every Monday
1 p.m.


Music in the Atrium at the Park 

“The rhythm is going to get you…” and it will each Thursday morning on the second floor of the SMG Oncology Center in Florham Park. Step off the elevator and listen toBob Egan tickling the keyboard, welcoming you to your appointment. The pleasant atmosphere is enhanced by the food, flowers and volunteers eager to make your visit less stressful. As we enter our second year at SMG’s oncology center we are grateful for the support and positive response to our well attended program. Music in the Atrium at the Park sets a familiar tone for the many patients and families who have long enjoyed its benefits.

Music in the Atrium

Our nationally acclaimed program, Music in the Atrium, continues to enchant hundreds of visitors navigating the cancer center. Because of you, our supporters we begin our eighteenth year. The faces of the patients and their caregivers tell us why we continue our efforts. No words are needed, although we are constantly reminded that our presence makes a difference.

Visit the Carol G. Simon Cancer Center on the first three Wednesdays of each month and you will be greeted by music, flowers and volunteers eager to assist you and lessen your anxiety with a cup of coffee, some fresh fruit, or maybe just an encouraging smile. After relaxing to Bob Egan’s music you may be the lucky recipient of a beautiful floral arrangement, donated by the Somerset Hills Garden Club. The Morristown Garden Club has been a generous participant as well, especially at holiday times.


Pilates at SMG Cancer Center Florham Park

“The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power.”
—Joseph Pilates

Tara-lyn Nunziata, a certified exercise specialist and passionate Pilates instructor was inspired by her mother, a breast cancer survivor to create a pilates program for cancer patients. The Pilates Strength and Recovery program helps individuals reconnect their mind and body, regain their strength from the inside out and learn to heal the body through breathing, mind body connection and movement.
Thanks to a grant from the JFW Memorial Fund patients and caregivers are now offered a weekly class at the SMG Cancer Center in Florham Park. Gentle and tailored appropriately for cancer patients the program and instructors are receiving high marks.

We are proud to support another program that helps ease the physical effects of cancer while strengthening and empowering the body and mind.

For information, or to register please call Theresa Pankiewicz, 973-404-7037 or email



Marj and Keith Remland

Marj and Keith Remland are the definition of “pay it forward.” They experienced the warmth and enveloping support of our music programs during frequent visits to cancer centers. Marj and Keith have vowed to celebrate each and every important milestone in their lives. Birthdays and anniversaries are always a blessing and a wonderful excuse for a party!Once again as Keith turns 80 he has requested that friends and relatives honor him and honor the JFW Memorial Fund with donations to support our efforts. As they have wandered down life’s paths their friends and relatives have contributed funds for numerous days of Music in the Atrium.Happy 80th Keith. We wish you and Marj many more healthy and happy occasions ahead. A huge thank you for allowing us along for the ride.


The Jeffrey Wacks Scholarship

Madeline Halpern, 2019 Wacks Scholar
Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts
Washington University, St. Louis


Madeline Halpern joins a growing list of outstanding artists who have received the Jeffrey Frank Wacks Scholarship. In Madeline’s undergraduate years she practiced cross-disciplinary art making, utilizing painting, sculpture, and digital media to create her work.

She is currently working on a video series that highlights globally protected lands. As she travels from Montana and Banff Canada, to Alaska and on to New Zealand she will examine the multiple perspectives, institutional and individual efforts acting on the network of ecosystems that make up our global environment.

Madeline is an artist whose passion and curiosity extend far beyond the visual landscape. “While the main subject of each video is wildlife, I’ve no intention of excluding content surrounding the political, economic and cultural factors that play into the life of each ecosystem. Even a small-scale species investigation illuminates the consequences of human intervention and practices of interconnected ecosystems.”

We are delighted that our scholarship is assisting Madeline as she works to complete this intriguing video series.

Kudos to the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, Washington University in St. Louis for continuing to educate world class artists.


Music Therapy Happenings

“Music is the shorthand of emotion”  
— Leo Tolstoy

Does music therapy enhance the lives of people coping with cancer? Just ask Leah Oswanski or Erin Bolding. They are music therapists who specialize in treating patients and caregivers dealing with cancer- the many side effects, both physical and emotional.

Leah Oswanski, MA,LPC,MT-BC is the Creative Arts Therapy Coordinator at the Carol G. Simon Cancer Center. In her new expanded role she and Jean Marie Rosone, Coordinator Oncology Integrative Medicine recently led an all day retreat exploring fear through the creative process. The program, “Moving Beyond Fear: A Retreat for Survivors” is their first collaborative effort. Working together they will develop a framework to promote and support the medical and clerical oncology department staff- a much needed agenda for the dedicated individuals who assist and support cancer patients each and every day.

Leah is a regular presenter at the American Music Therapy Association’s national conferences. Her current topic: “I’m Coming Out: Exploring the History of LGBTQ and Music.” In addition she has written a chapter in the music therapy textbook Music Therapy Supervision entitled “Equality for All: The Intersection of Supervision and LGBTQ+Topics.” She is a well-recognized music therapist both amongst her peers and by her many patients.

Erin Bolding, MT-BC continues her work on the inpatient and palliative care units. She is frequently asked to assist during bone marrow biopsies. Erin provides music to decrease anxiety and tension during the procedure. A physician, assisted by Erin remarked, “(the music) helps me to be calm and decreases my anxiety as I perform the procedure.” Music therapy for both the patient and the professional- a stellar combination.

This past year both music therapists have treated over three hundred new patients and have completed more than nine hundred music therapy sessions. The choice to use music therapy in their treatment plan is the patient’s. And the benefits are his as well, thanks to these two well-trained, passionate women.


We Remember...

Mel Elfin
Maxine Finkelstein
William Donzeiser IV
Jeffrey Frank Wacks
Sophie and Frank Glassner
Marvin Stoler
Paul Mosteller
Carmela Testa
Pittsburgh massacre victims and their families
Arthur M. Greenbaum
Eleanor Bahnatka
Susan Spurr
Emil and Edith Fischer
Judie Gerstein
Virginia Merritt
Michael Lacz
Peter J. Hollitscher
Sybil Goren Henry
Robert Gittleman
Mathilde Rosenblum
Syliva Narcez
Hank Bernstein
Janice Tetelbaum
Charlie Mottola
Gilbert Kahn
Clive M. Coutts
Wendy MangoneRita Kagan
Theresa Nadeau
George Rodriguez



Thank you to everyone who has donated to our Foundation. Since its inception in 1997 we have used your gifts for a multitude of services offering emotional support and comforts that extend beyond normal limits.


Tribute cards and holiday cards are available for purchase. Click the “donate” tab.


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